Review: I Could Not Stop For Death by Erin Thornewood

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Society girls like 16-year-old Clara do not study electrobiology. They do not go to gambling houses with strange young men. They most certainly do not light would-be immortals on fire.

Clara is not a typical society girl, and when her father is discovered murdered and quite literally heartless, she finds herself doing these very things in order to track his killer. The sinister mystery goes much deeper, however, and Clara realizes she might have to give up more than she ever dreamed.

She might have to give up her heart.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Miss Clara Dietrich is interested in biology and her brother is a genius when it comes to engineering.  Unfortunately being a girl causes a lot of living in the shadow of her brilliant younger brother.  Her father was the one to encourage her love of science.  Unfortunately her father disappeared four years ago mysteriously.  Now his body has been found and he has left clues for Clara to follow.  Along the way she meets a mysterious boy named Ben.  She loves the acceptance she receives from being around him.  However her mother has other plans for her.  She lets society dictate how Clara’s life will go.  Clara is angry and fights for the right to choose her life.
Things go awry when she is almost abducted from a mascaraed party her mother dragged her too.  She knows that these have to be the people who took her father four years ago.  Her terror is acute as she fights for her life.  When she is rescued by another group she doesn’t know what to think.  It seems that her father was caught up in something mysterious and dangerous.  Clara is now a target herself.  She works with her father’s friends to stop the evil things happening in her city. 
However secrets are revealed and sacrifices need to be made.  Clara has to make devastating choices about her life after she almost loses everything.

This story was interesting.  The disappearance and murder of Clara’s father starts the ball rolling.  The steam punk vibe to the story is threaded throughout as the plot and characters are revealed.  It was a pretty fast moving story that had intrigue, danger and murder.  Clara was a strong character from the beginning limited by her station and her gender.  You feel her frustration and anger.  Her emotions seemed to jump off the page.  I got into the story quickly and invested in the characters.  When the final plan was to take place the author threw some unexpected things at me.  I couldn’t believe how the story ended. I was extremely disappointed in how it ended.  It has turned me off from reading more.  I am truly sad when that happens.  I am frustrated when I’m reading a great story then get to the end which ends up ruining the whole thing.  I give this book a 3 out of 5.

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