Review: Sweet Nothing by Jamie McGuire & Teresa Mummert

Sweet Nothing Sweet Nothing by Jamie McGuire
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OK WTF did I just read????
Wait - let me give you a brief summary in my own words so you see where I'm coming from first …..
Sweet Nothing starts out like a typical romance – Paramedic meets Nurse during an accident they are both involved in – he’s a bit of a manwhore with commitment issues. She’s a good girl and stays away until he decides he wants to pursue her. She caves after a while and all the typical crap happens. He gets jealous of everyone - push/pull - until they figure it out…….
But then the story starts to get weird. The characters don’t progress naturally into a relationship. Nope, they jump right in with both feet, toes, totally naked and who cares about the depth of the water (weird right but ok, let's go with it).......
But wait, then it gets even weirder when it progresses so fast that what would normally take a few (or many) years happens within perceived months (seriously???? *scratches head*)…..
Oh but there's more....... then people start hearing voices, jumping to inane conclusions and a general WTF is going on happens!
Like other reviews on this book, I don’t want to spoil the ending but all I can say is seriously WTF did I just read and it’s not because of the story (believe it or not?). I totally get when two authors come together and have radical ideas and want to put out a unique story with bizarre twists but I think the book needed to be edited better and more thought have gone into the overall layout. I mean when an author needs to go onto Goodreads and a blog to explain the book more, that tells me that it wasn’t done right the first time around (just saying). If you feel the need to explain more in depth, then it's called a misunderstanding and that shouldn't happen in a story.
I had no issues with the beginning but then both main characters did a total 180 for me in their personalities and became such insecure whiny bitches that I couldn’t take it. I wanted to jump through the book and say “nut up!” but when the story speeds forward and then throws us some PNR wannabe twist, I was just done. Every chapter seemed to be a different short story within the book with just the characters having the same name as the previous story. There was no continuity within the story, flow, characters or even premise.
Time to move on!

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