Spotlight, Guest Post & Trailer: A Mighty Good Man by Rebecca E. Neely

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A Mighty Good Man 
by Rebecca E. Neely

'Hank' Jerry - This down and out writer and tough talking twentieth century broad is desperate to reclaim her personal and professional life.

Jack 'Gent' Darcy - This strange blend of gentleman and hood is fresh out of prison with a story to tell that could get them both killed.

Forced to return to the small town and the aunt she left behind, 'Hank' is doing her own time. But when Jack lands on Hank's doorstep, injured and on the run, he makes her a proposition she can't refuse: write his story about life inside one of the most powerful gangs in the country. It's simple - she'll get her career groove back, and he'll bury the gang, then disappear - his version of freedom.

Only problem is, they can't help falling for each other, and they've both got something to hide that could blow up in their faces. With time running out and gang enforcers closing in, will the trust they've forged survive the ultimate test?

Find out in A Mighty Good Man. 3 Days. 2 People. 1 Story.

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Guest Post

A lot of the action in A MIGHTY GOOD MAN takes place in a fictional, cool, retro Mom and Pop diner joint, Mighty Ricky’s, named for its signature sandwich. The inspiration for this setting comes right from my heart, and childhood.

I grew up in my family’s restaurant business, an actual, cool, Mom and Pop style diner. Only at the time, it wasn’t yet retro! In true 1970s fashion, it sported lots of brown and Crayola orange, from the countertops to the paneled walls, to the vinyl covered booths. Design crimes and all, it’s a place that’s part of my soul, and though long gone, lives on graciously in my memory, and now, I’m thrilled to say, in my book.

Jack, the hero in the story, is an ex-con and former gang member. All my life, I’ve been fascinated with stories and movies about organized crime, and the gangsters who ran the show. That fascination inspired me to create his character, and I drew on my imagination as well as the research I did on gangs to build his character and background.

I kept my characters on a tight deadline in the story too. What better way to reveal true motivations and feelings when time is tightening its noose? <grin>

A MIGHTY GOOD MAN - A down and out writer and an ex-gang leader team up to tell a story that could get them both killed. If they survive, they might just fall in love. But can the trust they've forged survive the ultimate test? Find out in A Mighty Good Man.

3 Days. 2 People. 1 Story.

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A sucker for a happy ending, Rebecca strives to write the kind of stories she loves to read—gritty, suspenseful and featuring authentic, edgy and vulnerable characters, smack dab in the middle of action that explodes from page one.

Raised on a down home blend of Johnny Cash, Jack London, Sherlock Holmes, the Steelers, and all things small town, she feels blessed to have grown up in a close knit, fun loving and artistic family. Her mother, a voracious reader and scratch cook, and her father, an entrepreneur, English teacher and lover of literature, taught Rebecca and her brother to work hard, aim for the stars, and live life.

With music, books and laughter as constant companions, she grew up working, cooking and eating in the family’s restaurant business. A certified book and hoagie junkie, she thrives on live music, mysteries and the outdoors.

Rebecca is a cheddar enthusiast, lover of cats, teddy bears, hot coffee, cold beer, thunderstorms, the blast of a train’s whistle, the change of seasons, country roads, woodpeckers, spoon rings, cool office supplies, and the Food Network.

Careers, past and present, include freelance writing, accounting, mother, problem solver, doer and head bottle washer.

Rebecca is a member of Three Rivers Romance Writers (TRRW), a PAN member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), and is proud to serve as a judge for several writing contests each year.



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