Review: Eviternity - An Arash Novel by Elke Stevens

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Beautiful Ruth’s life as she knows it is gone. Having lost everything that truly matters to her, Ruth decides to leave London and heads for New York. Craving a normal human life, she stumbles upon the weird family of illustrious art dealer James Huntington-Brown and soon gets involved in a horrifying string of murders. Suddenly everyone is under suspicion, above all Ruth herself. No one is safe, neither humans nor Arash, when the killer strikes again.

Love, revenge and cold-blooded murder - the new Arash novel ‘Eviternity’

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

In this new Arash novel, Ruth is now living in New York on her own.  She is trying an uncomplicated human life.  She is still bitter about Cassius and leaving her family.  She is hesitant when she meets two new men, one in her building and one in the park.  Her interest is peaked.
Unfortunately there is a dark Arash wondering around New York killing her kind.  Another family in the area is trying to warn the Arash in the area and figure out who it is.
Ruth is torn.  She no longer has her powers which leaves her feeling empty.  Jeremy, the man from her building, seems interested in her but she finds him boring.  Quin, on the other hand, fascinates her but he doesn’t seem to want anything more than casual.
She gets pulled into the strange little family.  She is shocked that they know her secret and they, themselves, are Arash.  Suspicions are thrown in Ruth’s direction and she is afraid what her dreams are showing her.  Things are getting dangerous and confusing.  Ruth isn’t sure what she will do when the time comes.
I like this series.  It was interesting to see what happened to Ruth.  I was happy to see her on her own searching for something she wanted.  Her adventure was a bit crazy.  The family, the author created, was not what I expected as the story evolved.  In the beginning they appeared as I would expect from this series if comparing it to Randolf’s family.
However at the story progressed and the author showed the cracks in the fa├žade. It was surprising and almost confusing.  I kept asking myself do they even really like each other.  You have no clue what is really going on until later.  I was surprised at the ending.  The identity of the murderer was not what I expected.  The author did a great job throwing me in a different direction.

In technical terms the writing was a bit choppy in places.  It also would abruptly change directions.  But overall I really liked the story.  I give it a 3.5 out of 5.

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