Review: How to Catch a (Falling) Star (How to Catch a Star #2) by Gabrielle Aquilina

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The much anticipated sequel to the new adult bestseller "How to Catch a (Rock) Star"!

Johnny Moretti, bassist of American rock band The Dead Hour, is hot, single and in demand with women, but he’s becoming disillusioned with the rock star lifestyle. Not that he wants to settle down like his band mate, Jed. Hell, no. He just wants something more out of life than meaningless hook-ups.

While filming for a popular UK chat show, he meets American TV actress Darcy Swanson for the second time. As with the first time they met, there’s no love lost between them so when their lives are thrown together unexpectedly when a traumatic incident involving movie superstar Jack Ford occurs, neither knows quite how to handle it.

With Johnny facing prison and Darcy’s hard-earned career in serious jeopardy, they both need to confront their pasts and face up to the truth, but are they be brave enough to do it?

A web of Hollywood cover-ups begins to surface, but will Johnny and Darcy be the first spark to light the fire and run the risk of getting seriously burnt or will they stay silent and suffer the consequences?

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Johnny is a member of the band The Dead Hour.  The band is starting to really take off.  He comes face to face with starlet Darcy Swanson.  She basically shunned him the last time they saw each other.  He refuses to play her games so he acts uninterested this time.  She goes off with another male actor, Jack Ford, instead.  However Johnny comes across both in a bad position.  Darcy’s position is dire and Johnny steps in to lend a hand.
Unfortunately it blows up in his face when Jack presses charges for assault when Johnny never touched him.  Darcy is caught between her career and doing the right thing.  Darcy decides she can’t keep doing what she is doing.  She needs to make a drastic change.  Her fear almost gets the best of her but she refuses to let Johnny get arrested for something he didn't do even if the fallout will be horrendous for her.  It’s the right thing to do. 
Things get crazy but Johnny is there for her.  But when the past starts getting in the way and everything starts playing out in the press, Darcy doesn’t know which way to turn.
I like this series about the band.  I’ve read the first ones and have become attached to the guys.  I usually like the female characters.  However in this case I wasn’t crazy about Darcy.  I didn’t like her attitude.  I couldn’t relate to her at all.  I thought she was pretty selfish and weak as a main character.  I did like the issue between Mega-star Jack and her.  The author did a fabulous job of shining a light on the dark side of Hollywood and victim blaming when it comes to sexual assault.  The storyline was interesting and I like how Darcy finally brought to light what happened but hated how she treated Johnny.  She avoided that issue and ran away.  That just added to my dislike of her.
So I liked the storyline and the characters except Darcy.  I tried to like her toward the end but couldn’t do it.  So with that in mind I give this story a 3.5 out of 5.

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