Review: Heir to the Underworld by E.D. Walker

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For as long as Frederica can remember, there's been something odd about her family. Secret conversations she isn't supposed to hear, separate bedrooms for her parents, and a terrible fear in her father's eyes that she doesn't understand. She used to worry her parents were on the edge of divorce. If only…

Then a strange boy--mysterious but irresistible--comes to her town. Paranormal danger follows him everywhere and, the closer Freddy gets to her crush, the weirder her life becomes. She is sucked into a perilous world where myth and legend are real. And the ancient gods are at war with one another.

Freddy finds herself caught between the feuding pantheons. Now she must fight her way home and defeat a ruthless new enemy who will stop at nothing to see Freddy dead.

A fun fantasy adventure with a romantic twist, this book should appeal to fans of butt-kicking female leads and hot guys with a supernatural secret.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Frederica Fitzgerald lives with her mom and dad believing she is normal.  Unfortunately something is up with her parents and they are keeping secrets.  At first she is afraid they are divorcing.  Then she wonders maybe there is something more.
After that she meets Deg.  He almost runs her down with his horse.  She is shocked.  He completely stands out.  She is drawn to him and he is to her.  His motives however are not necessarily honest.  He wants help finding his sister.  However he realizes that she knows nothing about his world.  He decides to stay away but both worlds collide.  Freddy finds out who she really is as the Great Hunt continues.  Her shock is acute as secrets come out about her mother, father and Deg.  She is forced into a world of danger, intrigue and black mail where she is traded to the underworld.
She has no control over her life as her father threatens her family to keep her in-line.  Deg wants to help but has no other choice but to watch everything from the sidelines.  Freddy refuses to give in and Deg refuses to watch.  They work together to change the situation at whatever cost.  Freddy has to sacrifice to save her father and Deg.
This story was a bit confusing in the beginning.  Freddy had no clue what was going on, so the reader didn’t either.  Freddy would think she wanted answers then to my disappointed she would chicken out.  Her mother was also ridiculous in the sense that if she avoided it, it would go away.  I was not happy with the immediate messages.  You can’t hide from who you are.
After the story got started and Freddy figured out what was really going on, she became an awesome character.  She found her strength and used her head.  Of course she was being manipulated and no one would help her.  The author did a great job exposing her fear and frustration.  Her anger at all the people in her life was front and center.  You couldn’t blame her at all.  Deg was a disappointment for me in the middle of the story.  He was a weak character and refused to get involved as things progressed.  I was disgusted for Freddy.  She really only had herself to count on.

The story pretty much drove me crazy with the amount of self-centered characters that refused to care about anyone else.  The ending was a nice tie-up and made up for things that occurred throughout the story.  Finally some of them stepped up.  So I give this book a 3.5 out of 5.

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