ARC Review: I See London, I See France by Sarah Mlynowski

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I see London, I see France
I see Sydney’s underpants.

Nineteen-year-old Sydney has the perfect summer mapped out. She’s spending the next four and half weeks traveling through Europe with her childhood best friend, Leela. Their plans include Eiffel-Tower selfies, eating cocco gelato, and making out with très hot strangers. Her plans do not include Leela’s cheating ex-boyfriend showing up on the flight to London, falling for the cheating ex-boyfriend’s très hot friend, monitoring her mother’s spiraling mental health via texts, or feeling like the rope in a friendship tug-of-war.

In this hilarious and unforgettable adventure, New York Times bestselling author Sarah Mlynowski tells the story of a girl learning to navigate secret romances, thorny relationships, and the London Tube. As Sydney zigzags through Amsterdam, Switzerland, Italy, and France, she must learn when to hold on, when to keep moving, and when to jump into the Riviera… wearing only her polka dot underpants.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Sydney and Leela have been friends forever.  Leela is the only one outside the family that knows about Syd’s mother.  Syd elected to stay home to go to college while Leela went to Canada.  They had been planning a trip to Europe forever, but Sydney feels she can’t go because of her Mom’s reliance on her.  When Leela breaks up with her boyfriend and needs someone to go with her Sydney gives in.  She needs the break and to do something for her.
Leela and Sydney will start off in London and Syd can’t believe she is actually going.  Unfortunately Leela’s ex decided to keep his ticket and go too.  So they see each other on the plane and in the airport when they land.  Sydney is afraid of being a third wheel but is relieved when she meets Jackson, Matt’s traveling buddy.
Things are interesting between Matt and Leela and Sydney is worried about her mom.  Jackson steps in and distracts her.  All four end up heading to Amsterdam.  Syd refuses to regret anything.  Amsterdam was an eye opening experience.  Things change for Sydney and Leela. 
They split from the boys and head to France where Leela meets Sydney’s friend Kat.  Leela is a bit put out over Matt and Kat.  Sydney isn’t sure what to do.  She is also fighting her worry over her mother, her own anxiety, growing feelings for Jackson, meeting new friends and trying to make great memories.  This trip is life changing for Leela and Sydney both.  What a chance of a lifetime.
I loved this book.  It was a great story.  You see Sydney’s worry and apprehension about going from the beginning.  However I don’t think she expected her life to change as much because of it.  The author created this experience of finding themselves in Europe.  I loved the journey.  They tried new things, met new friends, broke a couple of hearts and traveled where they wanted to go.  The author gave them freedom to go where their heart took them.  I was vicariously living through them.  The situations they found themselves in were, at times, hilarious.  I laughed out loud at several moments.  It was a fun read with great characters.  The reader is along for a great adventure.  Loved It!  I give it a 4.5 out of 5.

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