Review: Bound Together (Sea Haven/Sisters of the Heart #6) by Christine Feehan

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The Sea Haven series comes to a climactic end as the mysterious man from Blythe Daniels’ past re-enters her life. Don’t miss the final Sea Haven novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling “queen of paranormal romance” (J. R. Ward).

For five years, Viktor Prakenskii has put his life on hold in order to take down the world’s most feared motorcycle club from the inside. But carrying out the insane violence and seeing the club’s exploitation of the innocent has brought his traumatic past roaring back. And there’s only one cure: to see the wife he left behind...

Blythe Daniels thought she’d never see Viktor again after he murdered her stepfather and left without a word. She rebuilt her life without him, becoming a personal trainer and physical therapist...becoming strong enough for others to lean on. But when Viktor comes back to Sea Haven, he’ll make Blythe question everything she thought she knew about good and evil—and the dark desires of the heart...
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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Blythe lives with her sisters of the heart and their husbands in Sea Haven.  She has continued her life at the farm and as a physical therapist.  One day she comes face to face with her past, her husband Viktor.  He has been gone for five years without a word.  Now he is in town and wants her back.  Blythe is angry and hurt.  She refuses to deal with him.
Viktor has been deep undercover for five years.  He is going after a major sex trafficking ring.  He and his MC are there to scope out a campsite for the Swords.  Evan Shackler-Gratsos, head of the sex trafficking ring and the Swords motorcycle club, wants to kill Jackson Devereau and get Elle Drake back in his control.  He wants to do this himself and plans to go to Sea Haven surrounded by his army of MC members.
Viktor knows that this is his chance to take Evan down once and for all.  Then he can come home to Blythe to stay.  He and his brothers and sisters can’t keep going as they have.  They are too close to losing their souls.  He knows that Blythe will help them all.
At first Blythe refuses to talk to him.  She has open wounds and shocking secrets that are revealed.  Viktor is beside himself as he learned what happened and why nothing went as planned.  Viktor has to gain Blythe’s trust again and prove he is here to stay.  He also has to keep her safe from the approaching battle between Shackler-Gratsos and Viktor’s crew.
I love this series.  I am sad to see this section end.  I loved seeing all the Drake sisters and Blythe’s sisters of the heart come together.  Everyone was accounted for working together to stop Shackler-Gratsos as he was coming for two of their own.
The author really dug more into Blythe’s life and revealed more than ever about her.  She has always been the stable and grounded sister.  I like that the reader gets a glimpse into why she is the way she is.  I also love that her marriage to Viktor is a shocking secret no one knew.  It was fun to watch as everyone was blind-sided with the news.
Viktor was scary and tough but you immediately see his compassion, whether it be with his team or for those he rescues.  You know he is messed up like they all are but salvageable.  I liked the new characters introduced in this story.  They were quite entertaining even though they were dark.  I hope the author continues on with the telling of their stories.  I know they will be good.
I thought this story was a great read and a perfect way to wrap up the series.  I will warn you that there are some instances of abuse toward children that may disturb some readers.  It is a dark topic.

With that being said, I am sad to see this series come to an end.  I give this book a 4.5 out of 5.

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