Review: Incriminating Dating by Rebekah L. Purdy

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Ayla Hawkins is ready to stand up for change in her high school. But winning the election for class president against popular Jenna Lee will be impossible without a miracle. When she stumbles upon Mr. Perfect Luke Pressler defacing public property and catches it on camera: cue miracle. Ayla’s got the dirt she needs to get Luke on Team Ayla—in the form of her new fake boyfriend.

One mistake. All Luke wanted was a night to goof off, to blow off steam. The pressure of maintaining the perfect facade when his reality was crumbling around him had become too much, and next thing he knew, he was pretending to date Ayla Hawkins. But his little blackmailer turns out to be kind. Honorable. Opinionated. And just the breath of fresh air he didn’t even realize he was suffocating for. But Luke and Ayla come from different worlds, and once the election is over, their fauxmance will be, too.

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book features adult language, sexual situations, and plenty of girl power. Reading may result in swooning, laughing, and looking for a Luke of your own.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Ayla is invisible at her school and she likes it that way.  All she needs is drama club, the newspaper and her best friend, Chloe.  However when the principal threatens to take both away due to budget cuts Ayla is determined to figure out a way to stop him.
Chloe suggests she should run for class president against Jenna Lee.  At first Ayla laughs and refuses but after learning she could lose everything important to her she reconsiders. Once she decides to go for it she needs a plan.  One falls right into her lap.  She catches Luke Pressler and his friends defacing a statue in the park. With that evidence she forms a plan of blackmail.  Luke has to act as her boyfriend and help her win the election.  Luke doesn’t want to lose his scholarship so he agrees.  He has no choice.
Ayla is confused as Luke starts playing the part.  He does a great job and she starts to feel guilty about everything.  When she gets introduced to more of Luke’s life things start to change.  His life is nothing like she thought.  She wants to help him as much as she can.
Luke learns how nice of a person Ayla really is.  He can be himself around her and he surprisingly lets her see the part of his life he hides from everyone else.  He is shocked when his feelings for her grow.  She is so not his type.
However Jenna Lee is threatened by Ayla and is on the warpath.  She will do everything possible to stop Ayla from winning.  As a result Ayla has to make a tough choice.
This book was cute.  I love the initial thought of Ayla forcing Luke to help her.  You know she won’t really share it, no matter how mad she gets.  She’s a nice person and her family is pretty awesome.  She is an individual and is mostly comfortable with herself.  Her size is a little bit of a concern when it comes to fitting in but she tries not to dwell on it.
Luke definitely projects this image that he is what he used to be.  Unfortunately his life is not anything like he leads people to believe.  It is pretty sad to read about.  His mom is a single mom and his dad is out of the picture.  There isn’t any real familial support.  Luke has to grow up fast to help with bills and his brother.  No one but his best friend knows what is really happening in his life.  It’s amazing that he is able to pull it off.
I love how Ayla comes in and turns his life upside down in a good way.  She keeps his secrets, supports him anyway she can and helps him when he needs it the most.  It is sad to see what his family dynamics are and how they play out in the book.
Then there is Jenna Lee.  She is horrible and love to hate her.  I wanted her to get what she deserved.  Unfortunately at first Ayla refused to give in.  When she did it was satisfying to read.  Jenna was truly an evil girl and extremely mean.

It was a great read with a lot of real-life issues and family drama.  The high school drama just adds to the plot.  It’s a great story and I give it a 4 out of 5.

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