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Real Dirty Real Dirty by Meghan March
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Alrighty...... So Real Dirty is about a hot, famous country singer, Boone Thrasher, who is thrust into the spotlight even more when his life takes a sharp turn (AKA ex drama). With a friends' help, he ends up in a small town dive bar where he meets the down on her luck bar bartender/manager, Ripley Fischer. The bar is dying a slow, painful death due to mismanagement by her family and competitors wanting the business. Our heroine though won't give it up that easily as she has emotional ties to the place and refuses to let it die but the same can't be said of her family. When Boone decides to help, he ends up just making things worse to the point he needs to pull in his whole team to help and hopefully win the girl back after screwing up her life so badly.

First let me say, I haven't really had time to process the story but that basically sums it up.

Second and this is a BIG second, it ends on a cliffhanger but never fear, there is a second one coming. I only warn you of this because if you're like me and hate to read a cliffy with no where to go for a couple months, you might want to wait till the next book comes out.

Third, there's some major steam and angry sexy sex - yep super duper steam in this one.

Ok back to bed, I'm exhausted......

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