Review: Amulet (DragonBlade #1) by Nancy Lee Parish

Book Blurb

A different kind of fantasy adventure.

When Tristan finds an amulet, he has no idea how much his life is about to change. When his amulet awakens the evil of another amulet, long thought lost, it is all of Ranaria that hangs on the brink. The black crystal has stirred.
There are those who seek its power and there are those who seek its destruction. There are also those who know its secrets.
Even with dragons on his side, is there enough time for Tristan and his companions to stop that which has been unleashed?

With many twists and turns, a story unfolds that will keep you guessing until the very end.
Expect the unexpected.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Things have begun. Darius leaves the bundle for Tristen to find while leading the riders away from it.  He gets captured but Tristen finds the bundle and the amulet.  His life is now about to change forever.  He is now the owner of one of the twelve amulets that make dragons.  He believed dragons a myth until he saw them himself.  The Ecli are searching for all the amulets to possess the power they contain.  Yet each of the four Ecli have their own agenda.  Riders are sent to find Tristen and the amulet.  Tristen is not safe and those that protect him know he must flee to the Volanari.
His dragon and his sister’s dragon join the group as they travel to safety.  Trubac, Solerin, Seneca and Krill, the members of the Ecli, are all in pursuit for different reasons.  All want the black crystal that searches out the bloodline of Helios.  It turns out there is more to the story as Tristen learns who he really is and why they are being chased by the Ecli.
The Draken join forces with Krill to gain the crystal.  A huge black dragon is called forth.  Krill also brings Roshan back to life as the battle plans are being drawn.  Tristen ends up at Belka’s where she reveals more secrets as they discuss what the next move is.
The battle begins as Krill is determined to destroy them all gaining the power he wants.  The dragon blade is his ultimate goal.  It will take them all working together to defeat him.
In this first book in the Dragon Blade Series, the storyline is a good one.  It centers around a young man who is more than he seems.  There are lots of secrets swirling through this story.  Solerin is not who he seems.  It is fascinating to watch as things are revealed.  There is always something going on no matter what part of the story.  Unfortunately I felt like there was too much jumping around and the flow of the story wasn’t as smooth as it could have been in places.

However my favorite part of the story is the dragons.  I also like Thoral.  He is a big, tough guy with a soft heart.  He was cute with the dragons.  I also liked how the group came together to protect each other and work together.  They learn to trust each other and basically become a family.  It is an adventurous story for a younger audience.  The first book in a YA series of fantasy.  It is a good start.  I give it a 3 out of 5.

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