FREE BOOK Review: Crazy Love (The Love Series #1) by Emma Keene

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Amy is about to graduate from high school and is a few months shy of her eighteenth birthday. She is planning to attend State in the fall, with her boyfriend Mitch, and has her life all planned out. The only problem is that life has an entirely different plan for her.

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Amy finds out that she wasn’t accepted into the State University like she planned.  Her boyfriend is going to play football there.  So all her plans are ruined.  She can’t believe how her life is going.  Then things get worse.  Her mother leaves and pretty much doesn’t look back.  She and her dad are left reeling.  Her dad can’t handle it and turns to drinking after work to medicate his pain.
Amy can handle him until he gets physical with her boss and pounds on her bedroom door full of anger.  She decides to follow Mitch’s advice and move out.  She moves to Salem with Mitch.  She has to stay in the football housing with the team.  She is shocked when she walks in on a guy in the bathroom.  He smiles and she flees.  Mitch has to help her.  Amy is uncomfortable and decides she needs a job and her own place.  She walks around the new town then comes face to face with the guy from the bathroom.  He invites her to go get something to eat.  She is speechless but agrees.  Logan takes her to a new place and attempts conversation.  Amy eventually allows her guilt to get to her and flees.
Things start working out as Amy finds what she needs, a job and a place to live with a roommate named Jessica.  She is feeling good about things until everything falls apart.
This book definitely has the right title.  It was crazy.  Amy’s life is not going well.  Things keep going wrong.  The reader really feels for her.  Then she is able to get on her feet and start her life in a good direction.  You cheer her on during that point of the storyline.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long.
It was a wild ride.  I can’t believe her parents.  They are completely horrible.  I loved Mitch at first until his true nature starts shining through.  Logan was incredibly sweet and I find him and Jessica as my favorite characters.  They really become a support Amy.  They made the story as Amy had to work through her complete mess of a life.  The ending was sad but doable.  It leaves you hanging a little by hints to how things are going to happen.  I truly enjoyed reading this and find the emotional ride worth the read.  A great book I give it a 5 out of 5.

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