Review: Cursed (The Devil's Roses YA version #1) by T.L. Brown

Book Blurb

Someone is drugging the fairest of them all and leaving them in the dark corners of the forests surrounding Port Mackenzie.
The violent acts shroud the harbour town in mystery and fear.
In a town where doors are left unlocked and everyone knows everyone else, Aimee James, the unlikeliest of them all, finds herself the next target.
But as the stakes get higher and her body gets weaker, Aimee discovers there are worse things than dying.
There is something called cursed.

This is the YA version of The Devil's Roses.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Aimee lost her mother nine months ago and she still feels lost. She and her father aren’t coping well unlike her sister Alise.  She is also secretly in love with Shane, her sister’s boyfriend.  Aimee is a science nerd that doesn’t socialize like a normal teen.  Her sister, Alise, is the exact opposite.  Alise is pretty selfish and shallow.  Aimee’s life changes when she agrees to go to Shane’s party with her sister.  She sees a strange boy by the woods.  He catches her attention.  The author gives that hint of mystery when he is shocked she sees him.  I liked Aimee’s character.  She is smart and doesn’t deal with her sister’s drama.  Her feelings for Shane confuse her but she is settled on loving Blake.  He is the logical choice.  Of course, nothing goes the way she plans.  She ends up getting drugged which forever changes her life.  As her health declines, she learns who the strange boy is. Aleksander is special and has secrets of his own.  The author presents Aimee with this love triangle that she has no idea how to deal with, which adds to the storyline.  Then throw on the paranormal aspect that Alek adds to it.  What happens to Aimee when she gets sick is surprising.  There are several twists and turns that pop up throughout the storyline that aren’t what I suspected.  The author keeps the reader waiting to see who Aimee chooses, how the first chapter fits in with the rest of the book.

The ending was surprising.  The triangle shifts as she changes into what her life has become.  I can’t wait to read what comes next.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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