Review: Dolmarehn (The Otherworld Series #2) by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

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“Do you trust me Meghan?”

His voice was soft, almost pleading. I swallowed and tried hard to discern his expression in the dark. The paltry amount of light reaching this far into the small cavern glinted off his eyes, giving him the appearance of a demon trying to tempt me into doing something evil.

“Yes,” I answered, my own voice a mere whisper, “I trust you.”


He gave my hand a quick squeeze, and then I was pulled forward into the icy abyss that loomed before us . . .

A year ago, Meghan Elam learned that she was Faelorehn, a being of the Otherworld. Immortal. Now she must juggle her life in the mortal world with the one she has started to build in the Otherworld. However, keeping her identity secret from her friends and family while trying to avoid a wrathful Celtic goddess is no easy task.

With the help of the intriguing Cade MacRoich, Meghan will learn that not only does she come from a place full of magic and wonder but that she, too, is far more powerful than she ever thought possible.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Meghan has been counting down the days since Cade left her life.  He has gone back to the otherworld and she is trying to heal from the ordeal.  She has been staying close to her house mostly scared to encounter any faelah creatures that come out of the dolmarehn that is in the woods not far from her house.  Cade left Fergus behind to watch over her and help them keep in touch.
After Meghan starts her senior year, Cade makes an appearance. He has fully recovered but is still being punished for breaking his geis.  Meghan feels guilty for that and tries not to show her feelings to Cade.  As the year progresses she and Cade communicate by letter or quick visit if he is able to make it.  Then he asks if she can spend longer than twenty-four hours in Eile.  He wants to see if it awakens her powers.  Meghan visits the one place that scares her the most.  She knows that the Morrigan is still after her.  She also knows that Cade will protect her.
I love this series.  This book was fun to read.  Meghan now knows what she is and where she is from.  So she spends a lot of time trying to figure things out in this book.  She misses Cade and does a lot of searching for herself.  She finds out more about Cade and owns up to how she really feels about him.

I truly love their pairing.  They are both one of a kind and truly outcasts in their worlds.  They come together and form a great relationship.  Finding out who their real parents are is a bit shocking for both characters.  Meghan’s welcome is a bit surprising.  I wasn’t expecting that.  Then, of course, their feelings are tested by the people surrounding them but as the truth comes out Meghan realizes exactly what she wants and plans to do.  This was a great read.  I can’t wait to read what happens next.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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