Review: Drawn by Marie Lamba

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She’s the artist that finds him in her drawings. He’s the medieval ghost that conquers her heart. And their time is running out.

Michelle De Freccio moves with her dad to England, where she hopes for a more normal life. Instead she discovers a handsome guy appearing in all her sketches. When she actually meets him at the town's castle, she's unmistakably drawn to him. But something is definitely not normal.

He wears medieval garb, talks of ancient murders, and tends to disappear with a kiss. Could he be a ghost? Could Michelle be losing her mind? Or has she simply uncovered a love so timeless it's spanned the centuries...

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

This story involved a bit of time travel.  I love this type of storyline.  Michelle moves to Britain with her father.  She enters a new school, meets the town famous family.  She first sees Christopher when she draws at the castle.  According to the author, Michelle’s art is related to her time travel.  She is torn.  She worries about her sanity, scared about being like her brother.  I like that the author included mental illness in the storyline.  However, I didn’t care for her dad.  He didn’t seem to deal with anything.  That was annoying.  His coping seemed to be change the topic like the other didn’t exist.
Michelle also learned who her friends were.  I like how she befriended the boy everyone picked on.  He ends up being exactly who she needs.  However, I was having a difficult time with the actual time travel.  You never knew when it would happen.  There wasn’t a lot of rhyme or reason to it.  The author also threw her into things and you never knew what she would be running into.

There were plenty of villains in this story.  They were obvious but some characters wavered.  You weren’t sure which side they would choose.  The ending was a bit disappointing and even confusing.  I was hoping for more.  I give this book a 3 out of 5.

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