FREE BOOK Review: Element, Part 1 (The Natalie Vega Saga #1) by C.M. Doporto

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College freshman, Natalie Vega, offers to be a test patient for several vitamins and supplements created by Kronberg Laboratories, a large pharmaceutical company where she interns. Immediately her body starts going through physical changes but when she runs into her former high school crush, Ryan Garrett, she is unaware of the life altering affects he will have on her.

New Adult Romance/Sci-Fi/Urban Fantasy

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

This story introduces the character, Natalie Vega.  She is a college student, taking summer classes and interning at Kronberg Laboratories in the lab.  This presents a chance to move on from the near-death experience she had and her heartbreak.  However, the author decides to make things complicated when Natalie comes face to face with Ryan.  He is a blast from the past, as they went to high school together.  Add a constant urge to exercise, dizzy spells, and her body getting stronger, and things get weird. 
The author presents this sweet beginning relationship between Ryan and Natalie.  Their chemistry is pretty explosive.  I wondered as I read the story if they were actually drawn together naturally or if it was something the lab was doing to them.  The author didn’t explain any of it but did show the connection several times.  He was sweet and I liked the pairing between the two.

Her dizziness wasn’t explained and remained a mystery to Natalie.  I suspect that the lab was doing something through the supplements she was testing.  Not sure if my theory is correct yet.  It wasn’t revealed in part one.  The title was Element and I wasn’t sure where the author was going to take it.  It took awhile for the author to get the point. I was surprised when the moment finally came and it wasn’t what I expected.  It was a good story and sets the stage for part two.  I can’t wait to read it to see what happens next.  I give it a 3.5 out of 5.

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