Review: Fated, Part One (Timeless) by Lisa L. Wiedmeier & Sam Dogra

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A Timeless Series Companion Novel, First Edition

SPECIAL NOTE: *This novella is intended to be read after reading Cheyenne, A Timeless Series Novel, as it is a companion to the story from Callon, Colt and Daniel's point of view.

Callon, leader of a hidden race called the Timeless, receives a mysterious letter asking for help to protect a secret. Little does he know the secret's called Cheyenne, a human close to transforming into a Timeless being herself. But there's more to her than meets the eye, and her adoptive parents won't tell the whole truth. Determined to find answers, Callon calls on his brothers, Colt and Daniel, to help him. As they start to uncover the clues, Callon realizes he might have stumbled onto something that could change the fate of the Timeless forever...

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

This novella sets the stage for the Timeless series.  Callon and his brothers are recruited to protect a girl who is timeless but has not gone through her transformation yet.  She has no clue and has been off the grid living with her adoptive parents.  She is a mystery as something else is going on but Callon isn’t sure what.  Callon and his brother Daniel keep an eye on Cheyenne from a distance, as Colt befriends her at school.
The villain searching for her is Marcus.  He continues to send scouts searching for the timeless.  Callon and his brothers have to deal with each scout sent to their area.  Eventually Marcus will come for himself, so Cheyenne needs to be moved. The plan is to go to Ireland.
The author hints at some family drama that has stopped Callon from returning to Ireland.  There is also hints that Callon and Cheyenne are meant for more.  There are several situations were the brothers have to protect Cheyenne without her knowledge of what is happening.  There are secrets aplenty and you have no idea what they are.  There is just enough to speculate but not enough to get definite answers.  It will be interesting to see where the author takes it.  I see some sibling rivalries popping up. 

You don’t see much of Cheyenne in this book.  You are just introduced to her and get the sense she is pretty important.  So the next book should really dig into her story, hopefully.  This one seems to whet the appetite just enough to drive the desire to read more.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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