Spotlight, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway: 13 Billion to One: A Memoir: Winning the $50 Million Lottery Has Its Price by Randy Rush

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As a welfare kid who grew up in the streets, Randy Rush had to fight for everything he got and knew what it was like to struggle. So, when he was suddenly handed $50 million in tax-free money, he vowed to use his new-found wealth to help others. But what he didn’t see coming was Jeremy Crawford.

In his gripping, adrenaline-packed memoir, Rush takes readers on his rocket-fueled journey after a trip to the corner grocer to buy food for his beloved cat, Conway Kitty, leads to the discovery that he has won Canada’s $50 million Lotto Max jackpot.

Soaring on a seemingly endless endorphin high, Rush spends the months following his win traveling, feeding his passion for rare sports cars, considering charitable causes, and splurging on friends — paying off their debts and even giving them a free place to stay in million-dollar homes. But his world comes crashing down when he discovers that Dave Crawford, a man he loved like an older brother and had generously provided for, has served him up to his con artist son, Jeremy — who scams Rush out of nearly $5 million.

Reeling from Dave’s betrayal and fueled by the discovery that the Crawfords are serial con artists who have devastated the lives of more than a hundred others, Rush embarks on a mission to take his adversaries down. But as his quest for justice drags on, his festering rage reaches a boiling point and he is faced with a choice: Let the Crawford’s cons destroy him, or re-focus his attention on doing good in the world and enjoying the enormous gift he has been given.

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Book Excerpt


November 1, 2015

My attorney’s words swept through me, triggering a tidal wave of panic and rage.
“We have got to talk, Randy,” he said, the color gone from his face. “We’ve got big problems.”
I could feel my legs trembling, my hands balling into fists. I knew it.
I had known it ten days earlier during my drive to Scottsdale. It’s why I had put together an impromptu business team and flown them all to Arizona. I needed professionals who could help me get to the bottom of everything before it was too late.
Anger  surged  through  me  as  I  continued  to  take  in  my attorney’s words. “Ryan and I finally managed to corner Jeremy and ask about your assets and money. Jeremy says it’s all his. He says you have nothing.”
Those last words knocked the air out of me. I was so stunned that for a minute, I couldn’t speak. What did he mean it was all HIS? I put up the $4.6 million investment. It was my money— all of it.

My  eyes  flew  across  the  rooftop  deck  of  the  W  Hotel, searching the throngs of people for the scumbag who thought he could steal my money. My stomach clenched each time my eyes landed on yet another person enjoying a $15 cocktail while feasting  on  overpriced  finger  foods.  Who  were  these  people anyway?  They  certainly  weren’t  Justin  Timberlake,  Taylor Swift, or the other celebrities I was told would be attending the company launch party. They were likely freeloaders who had been rounded up off the street to enjoy the party I was footing.
Before I could locate him, Jeremy was standing next to me. His eyes were bloodshot and bugging out of his head.
“Great party, huh, Randy?” he said, moving his face close to my ear.
I dug my fingernails into my palms to keep from breaking his legs.
“It’s okay,” I replied, forcing my voice to stay measured. I
knew if I lost control of myself, there was no turning back.
I must have hit a nerve because his face immediately turned red and the veins in his neck looked like overblown balloons ready to pop.
“What do you mean? I think it’s awesome.”
Now it was everything I could do to keep from breaking both his arms and his legs.
“Pardon me?” I snapped back. “What did you just say to me? I would never talk to you in those terms and you won’t talk to me in those terms. You’ve been told and warned.”
My tone was still measured, but there was a lethal edge to it. Jeremy took a step back.
“You’re done, Rush,” he snarled before slinking back into the safety of the crowd. “I’m finished with you.”

13 Billion to One

Every nerve in my body was burning, but before I could scream, “Jeremy, you’re fired!”, chase him down, and shove him into the rooftop pool, my friend Chris intervened.
“Come on, Randy, let’s go,” he urged. “Let’s figure out how to get this piece of scum.”
I forced my legs to follow him to a hotel conference room that Ryan had just secured so we could regroup and come up with a game plan.
I felt like I was sinking, as though I had stepped into a pool of quicksand and was already in too deep to get out.
Why hadn’t I listened to my gut? Why had I been such a fool?
The  red  flags  and  warning  signs  from  the  previous  five months began flashing through my mind: Jeremy’s new Ferrari and  Porsches,  his  ongoing  pressure  for  more  money,  the repeated lies and stonewalling when my team had asked basic questions about company operations and finances.
My thoughts fueled my rage, but they also ignited an intense pain inside of me. It was one thing to be taken by a stranger, but  quite  another  to  be  so  personally  betrayed  by  people  I considered family.
It was because of my love for Dave that I had even agreed to meet with his son, let alone trust him enough to invest $4.6 million in his technology business venture. Now it was clear that Dave and his wife, Shirley, were not only aware of their son’s intentions, they were in on it.
I  paced  the  room  as  my  newly  assembled  business  team began  mapping  out  a  legal  strategy  to  regain  my  assets  and money. I could hear the company launch party continuing on the rooftop deck—the music being blasted by the DJ who had been flown in from Toronto for the evening and the muffled laughter between songs.
Rage once again took over, permeating every cell in my body.

I was going to make everyone who was involved in this in any way pay. I didn’t care how long it took, or how much money I’d have to spend on legal fees and investigative research. I was going to get justice. And it started with ending the gravy train for my one-time friends.
I grabbed my cell phone and pounded out the message I
couldn’t wait for Dave and Shirley to read.
“As soon as you are back in Canada, I want the two of you to pack your things and get out of my house,” I typed. “Your son just ripped me off for $4.6 million and I want you gone.”

Toot's Review by Betty Bee

This book is truly a non-fiction gem and a bestseller waiting to happen!
Canadian Randy Rush unexpectedly won 50 million dollars in the lottery and his life was changed forever—and not just for the better. The first thing Randy did after finding out that he won was make a list. He wanted to do things like help his friends with their debts, make a large donation to his church and other charities, and quit his boring job. All things that I think many of us daydream about doing.

From the start, Randy was cautious and hesitant to allow other people in his town know that he had won, at least until the lottery made the announcement and the news cameras and reporters came out. After all, if people find out that you have money, some can feel entitled to it for no reason. But all of that caution did not help Randy when a family friend’s son asked him to invest in his tech start up. Thinking that it was a sound investment, Randy agreed, only to find out later that he has been scammed.

This book was very well written and easy to read. I felt like I was watching a movie as I was reading, the pacing and action were so perfect. I love when memoir writers pay attention to traditional pacing elements because it really creates a masterpiece of a book and '13 Billion to One' is just such a masterpiece. Rush has such a talent for writing that I definitely think he should use it again in the future.

As for how things worked out after his friend betrayed him, well, you're going to have to read the book to find that one out yourself. But suffice it to say that I was on the edge of my seat.
I really appreciated the overall message in this book and how the ending worked out. Definitely worth a read! I give it 5 out of 5.

Author Info

Randy Rush is on a mission to stop white collar crime and other social injustices by exposing them to the world. He recently founded Rantanna Media, a mission-driven publishing and production company, to give victims a voice and raise widespread awareness about the devastating impact of these crimes. Randy is also committed to transforming the lives of children in Africa by providing them the education, love and hope they need to succeed.

He divides his time between Canada and Europe.



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